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Mission Statement 

The purpose of North Shore Hockey Development Academy (NSHDA) is to provide a training ground for elite student/athlete to master their craft on the ice and in the classroom.

NSHDA is derived from the recognition that to build high-level student/athletes it takes quality repetitions and advanced techniques. Our hockey skills are taught in a repetitive manner making the core fundamentals second nature so that players can execute them in competition. NSHDA is for the student/athlete dedicated to reaching their full physical/mental potential. 

NSHDA offers a customized approach to academics with Laurel Springs Academy, Laurel Springs Academy (LSA) allows the student/athlete full control of their academics with consistent weekly schedules, virtual certified teachers, and live classes.  LSA, teachers have virtual office hours, academic support along with NSHDA’s in person certified teachers.

Company Information: 

Ryan Taylor – President/Operator

Ryan Taylor is one of the most widely respected coaches in the hockey community with over 20 years of experience in developing players of all ages from all over North America. Taylor founded NSHDA in 2012.

Ryan Taylor is also the General Manager of Hockey Operations at the Reapers Hockey Program in Mount Prospect, Illinois. Taylor will be coaching the 2011 and 2009 Tier 1 AAA teams for 2021-2022 season.

Ryan Taylor | 312-925-5656 Cell | [email protected]

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